In Pakistan, the Science Fair program activities involve over 10,000 students annually. Competitions are initially held at the provincial levels, from where students are shortlisted to participate in the Regeneron ISEF affiliated National Science and Engineering Fair Pakistan. Every year 3 to 7 projects (5 to 10 students) are selected to participate at the international fair. The initiative was launched in Pakistan in 2004 by Intel Education Initiative, with the aim of promoting students’ interest in science and research. The aim is to infuse the spirit of discovery in school children, increase their interest in science and technology, and build a robust scientific temper among the youth of the country. Each year, research-based science projects by young students, are reviewed by an eminent jury comprising of scientists and domain experts. Then, the short-listed entries are showcased at the annual National Fair. In the past few years projects designed by Pakistani students have won many  positions at international competitions. Since 2006, there have been 16 positions won by Pakistani students at ISEF only.

An Nafi Educational Technologies (ANETech) is the only registered agency with the Society for Science (USA), for the program implementation in Pakistan. The local implementation agency (ANETech) is the driving force for Regeneron ISEF program in Pakistan to hold Science Fairs all across the country arranged at the provincial and national levels.