Profile of Success – Intel ISEF 2018 – Hasnat Ahmad

Hasnat, 13 years old, lives in Lahore and is currently studying at Scarsdale International School, Lahore. He has been selected as Individual Finalist to represent Pakistan at the Intel ISEF 2018 for his research project in the Category: Energy Physical, titled, “In-Line Turbine Network based Hydro Electric Power Generation System for Residential Application”.


The project aims to utilize the potential energy stored in the water tank at the top of our houses and convert it into electrical energy. The application of this project will be to connect the uninterruptible power supply system to this residential hydroelectric power generation system and take off extra load from the primary power source. In his words, The importance of the project aiming to ease the lives of a large number of people was the most powerful stimulus and the driving force for me. My Interest in Science and STEM, awareness about energy resources at my school, and living in an environment where shortage of electricity and water are major issues, has prompted me to work on this project. Saturday, December 23, 2017 is the most memorable day in my life. That day, everyone was anxiously waiting for the announcement of the grand winners. 


I could not believe my ears when they announced my name as one of the grand winners. This was a remarkable achievement for me and my school as I was the youngest of all the participants. My joy knew no bounds. I felt as if I was on cloud nine. My consistent efforts paid off. In my retrospect, I can visualize the time when the project was a small idea. Bringing the idea to life took much endeavor. I had to face challenges and obstacles. Every problem was solved and the obstacles overcome with the guidance, and coordination of my respected teachers, Ms. Salma Afroz and Sir Danish Mirza. They saw the passion and talent in me and honed it, as they say that believe in yourself and all that you are, know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle”.

Profile of Success – Intel ISEF 2018 – Arqam Ali Khan

Arqam Ali Khan is a resident of Islamabad and loves his city. He is a student of grade 12 studying at Islamabad Model College for Boys, G-10/4, Islamabad. He feels fortunate to have been selected as an individual finalist for the second time, he earlier qualified as a grand winner in 2017 as well. Realizing the need of people with disabilities he developed his project titled, “A Dynamic & Cost Effective Technology of Smart Gloves for Multiple Operations” in the Subject Category: Embedded Systems. For his project he developed a new technology of low cost speaking gloves which will help the mute and deaf people to communicate normally with others.


Arqam Ali Khan says, Intel ISEF provides opportunity to the young students from all over Pakistan to showcase their talent. This fair helps to boost confidence and scientific culture in Pakistan. I have learnt a lot by participating in Intel Science Fairs. It was a memorable moment for me when I was announced grand winner. The competition was very tough because students from all over Pakistan participate in this Fair. I had researched six months for developing my project. Experimentation and research is my passion, my father also keeps interest in science, especially in the field of electro-mechanical engineering. He also won many awards at National and International level. So, I was also very interested in science and made many machines and circuits since childhood. When I entered college, I was already good in programming. My understanding of mechanics and electronics is also good. Electronics and programming are my favorite fields. At the initial stage of the project, I faced many problems but hard work and determination solved everything. My father and teachers helped me a lot throughout the process. At the first level, I had qualified for the National Science Fair. Later, I won the Best of Category and Grand Award in National Science Fair and got selected for Intel International Science & Engineering Fair 2018 to be held at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am very thankful to Allah, my father, college, Quaid-i-Azam University and NUST University. They supported and helped me a lot”.

Profiles of Success – Intel ISEF 2018 – Maryam Ijaz and Momina Akram

Students of O-Levels at The City School, Sialkot, 15 years old Maryam Ijaz and Momina Akmal qualified as team finalists for Intel ISEF 2018. Their project, “Novel Biodegradable Plastic” in the Environmental Science Category addresses the issue of solid waste disposal. They express their feelings in the following words, “An exhilarating feeling it was. It seemed we got an opportunity to prove to the world who we are and how able we are. Participation at events of Intel ISEF is no doubt the best thing that happened in our life. From the selection of our abstract to the expedition to the provincial round and then to national round, everything was just so astonishing. We prepared ourselves for all circumstances. Everything was on point, from the data log book to the model. But honestly, for both of us main purpose of participation was to get an experience that could help us in future. The time we went there we visited all the projects, and honestly speaking we lost all hope. Such remarkable projects were present there that our eyes couldn’t believe. Later our morale got further down when we didn’t even get constructive response from some of the judges. 


Our friends also kept on provoking us. Later when we were away from the project one of the senior judge left without looking at our project, it gave us goose bumps. But, the same judge later visited our project and we were a bit relaxed. Next day was the result day. First some special awards were given mainly in the field of medical sciences. Than began the awards of Best of Category. We won the Best of Category in Environmental Science. Nothing could have been better than that. We were totally happy with what we got. We had no more desires. By the time Grand Winners were being announced they were asking for guesses. Not for a moment we could imagine our names could be announced. As expectation is a one way ticket to resentment. When our names were announced a wave of shock registered on our faces and all our muscles froze making us unable to step towards the stage. By the time we received the medal and certificate we couldn’t stop ourselves from thanking Allah for making us live that moment. And what can be better than representing your country abroad? Intel ISEF is a wide platform that allows young scientists to prove themselves and serve their country. Intel ISEF should continue such programs to bring hidden talent of our youth to forefront”.

Profile of Success – Intel ISEF 2012 – Musa Rahim Khan

17 years old Musa Rahim Khan, is a resident of Chitral. He was studying at Aga Khan Higher Secondary School when he was selected as a grand winner in individual category, for his project ‘Water and Heat Detector’ and was very excited to be selected to participate at the Intel ISEF in May 2012.

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Musa Rahim Khan was so excited to tell about his achievement and was thrilled to know that he was going to represent his country in Pittsburgh. It is obviously a great honor for me. Participating in this prestigious science fair means a lot to me— I will get a great deal of inspiration, if not a grand prize there. Honestly, I almost broke out into tears upon my selection. It is unbelievable because I even never got a chance of going as far as to Lahore and Karachi during my entire life Rahim said. 

Apart from studies he is a very social person. His friends love and respect him. He is extremely interested in electronic engineering, as compared to other sciences. In future, he would like to become an electronic engineer and very hopeful to meet his hero Bill Gates during his lifetime.

Profile of Success – Intel ISEF 2012 – Syed Shahzeb Zarrar

Syed Shahzeb Zarrar belongs to Quetta. He was a student of grade 11 studying in Army Public School and College, Staff and Command College, Quetta Cantt. He was extremely proud and happy to have been selected for the Intel ISEF 2012. His project title was “Production of Artificial Domains”.

His journey to ISEF is also very interesting. The year before in 2010, he participated in the National Fair with his project “Magnetic Watch” but could not succeed. But he did not lose hope and worked much harder this time and prepared a new project. He believes in “the guts to never give up”. He is very grateful to Allah for giving him the opportunity to work in the field of science and represent Pakistan at international level.

In an area with desolate educational facilities and dismal economic conditions, Shahzeb rises as a beacon of hope in Balochistan. He said, ”Intel ISEF means a lot to me, my crave to become a great scientist of the world can nourish in such environment. It is a door leading towards the fulfillment of my dreams.This bright and young student has comprehensible scientific concepts and that’s why he wants to be a scientist in future.

Profile of Success – Intel ISEF 2012 – Shiza Gulab

Shiza Gulab was also a student of grade 11. She is a resident of Peshawar studying at Institute of Computer and Management Sciences. She was a grand winner in the Group Category. Her Project Title was “Energy Square for Cattle” that she prepared with her team. She is overjoyed on her success and expressed, This is something really wonderful that ever happened to me. We really want to thank Intel for providing such platform where we can show our skills and prove ourselves as innovative students of Pakistan”.

This was her thirst of research and love for animals that gave her the idea of her project. She is grateful to Allah Almighty for all His blessings and all those without whose help and assistance she would not have been able to achieve this success; her parents, biology teacher and the Principal who motivated and encouraged her a lot. She believes that though she is an average student but her skills lie in other areas. She is strong in extracurricular activities and enjoys spending time with her friends, playing computer games and badminton & enjoys painting. She is very hopeful to win and would try her best to bring honor to her country.

Profile of Success – Intel ISEF 2012 – Mahnoor Hassan

Mahnoor Hassan is a resident of Peshawar and loves her city. She was a student of grade 11 studying at Institute of Computer and Management Sciences. She is delighted and feels fortunate to participate at Intel ISEF 2012. She burst into tears on hearing her name being announced and said, I just could not believe that I am going to USA”. She believes that participating in the science fair program has transformed her life and motivated her. She loves the subject Biology and her project was of the same category titled as “Energy Square for Cattle”.

She expressed her joy and said, ““I hope our project will be utilized in Pakistan. I am feeling very proud to represent my country at the Intel International Science Fair 2012”.

She is thankful to Allah for His blessings, and her teacher Ms. Mohsina Asmat for her support and guidance throughout the project, and last but not the least her parents for supporting and praying for her. Apart from studies, Mahnoor enjoys spending time with her friends, researching on the internet, watching television and playing badminton. She wants to study medicine in future.

Profile of Success – Intel ISEF 2012 – Bushra Shahed

17 years old Bushra Shahed was also a student of grade 11 studying at Institute of Computer and Management Sciences, Peshawar. She prepared the project “Energy Square for Cattle” in her favorite subject category Biology with her friends Bushra and Shiza. She is excited to participate at Intel International Science fair 2012. She believes that no success can be achieved without the help of Almighty Allah. She thanks Intel for providing such a platform where one can show her or his talents to the world.

Talking about her project Bushra said, “We have worked really hard on our project and now we have got our reward for that hard work. I am really thankful to our Institute who has been guiding us throughout our project”.

Though she has been to other foreign countries but going to USA for the first time and that’s why she is very excited. She has learned many things by participating in Intel National Science Fair as she feels a whole new world for her has opened.

Apart from studies she loves to do social work and enjoys reading books, playing basketball and badminton.

Profile of Success – Intel ISEF 2011 – Habibullah Hal Mohammadi

Habibullah, 17 years old, lives in Lahore and is currently studying in Ordinary Level at Pak Turk International School and College, Lahore. His ceaseless effort and Allah Almighty’ blessings have given him an opportunity to represent Pakistan at the Intel ISEF. Continuous energy crisis and water pollution has become a source of annoyance for the whole society which motivated Habib to find solution for these problems. So the idea of making an organic battery through the concept of electrolysis came to his mind and with guidance of his chemistry teacher and support from his family he realized his dream and the magic of this wonderful project happened.

Through this project he produces electricity while the polluted water is also cleaned in an efficient way. He believes that if his project is industrialized at a larger scale, Pakistan can totally overcome the energy crisis and the polluted water problem. “I promised myself not to lose hope and not to be sad even if I didn’t win the competition or even if my research was not successful because I gained a lot of knowledge regarding research in science while participating in the Intel Science Fair”, says Habib. In his spare times he likes to play soccer, listen to music and read books. He also likes to follow and learn about new inventions in the world through internet. I am really thankful to Allah almighty, my teacher, my parents and Intel which helped make my dream come true”, says Habib.

Profile of Success – Intel ISEF 2011 – Fatima Sohail

Fatima Sohail is a resident of Karachi, Pakistan studying at the Defence Authority Model High School, in 9th grade. She is one of the finalists and is very excited to be selected to participate at the Intel ISEF in May 2011. Fatima strongly believes that it is the blessing of Almighty Allah, respect of elders and guidance of her parents and school teachers that she could win at the National Science Fair held in Islamabad in January, 2011. 

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This bright young student is also a member of the Science Society at her school, which provides her exposure to research in science and scientific concepts. She is more critical of things and likes sharing ideas about inventing more and more things as time goes by. She considers herself an average student in her class, but believes that her skills lie in other areas, such as her ability to grasp concepts and ideas from the real world around her through keen observation. It was a great experience for her to participate for the first time at the in Intel Provincial and then National Science Fair and win. She was not expecting to be one of the finalists competing amongst so many incredible projects in all the subject categories.

The surprise stunned me for some time I was numb and couldn’t believe that my name was announced. I actually asked one of the Intel Education representatives, what’s going to happen to me now?” said Fatima. Hers project title is “Generation of Electric Power through Vertical Air with the help of modified, economical Wind Mill”. She takes keen interest in extra-curricular activities and enjoys spending time with her friends, playing computer games and hockey. Fatima isn’t yet certain which area of science she wants to study but her sights are set on enrolling to study at Harvard and also on winning the Nobel Prize for her country.

Profile of Success – Intel ISEF 2011 – Ambreen Bibi

15 years old Ambreen Bibi, is studying at F.Sc. (Pre. Medical) level at Federal Government College for Women, G-10/4, Islamabad. Biology is her favorite subject, and she has great interest in research and demonstrates brilliant mental abilities and experimental skills. Due to this interest her grasp and knowledge regarding Biology is often far greater than usual expectation. “I have a strong and motivated desire to be a scientist”, says Ambreen. She zealously participates in research projects and is an ardent and keen seeker of latest research knowledge pertaining to biology specifically.

To participant and qualify for Intel ISEF she used latest technology in her research project along with her friend and found out the solution to degrade the water pollutant. Topic of her research project is “Degradation of Environment Pollutant with Nano-composites”. This technology is effective as well as economical, less time consuming and doesn’t cause secondary pollution.

Profile of Success – Intel ISEF 2011 – Mehwish Ghafoor

A student of HSSC – Part I (Pre-medical) at Federal Government College for Women, G-10/4, Islamabad, Mehwish Ghafoor is fond of reading books, newspapers and have a knack for social work. Besides this she spends her spare time in watching TV and helping other students to solve their problems. Her flair in learning fast makes her a devoted student and keen observer. Mehwish says that she has great interest in research and tries to answer questions and solve problems through research. “I am interested to become a Research Scientist in Medicine”, says Mehwish.

She being a committed student, very intensely participates in research projects, her interest in research inspired her to participate in research competitions organized by Intel Education in collaboration with Ministry of Education. The topic of her research project is “Degradation of Environment Pollutant with Nano-composites”. She worked in team with her friend Ambreen.