Participation Guidelines for Shaukat Khanum National Science and Engineering Fair 2019

Participation Process:

  • The link for Registration Pro Forma is given below. Fill in the details and submit.
  • Students of 8th to 12th Grade can participate individually or as a team; a team can comprise of 2 members.
  • Participating student or team must fill in questions of the Research Plan (page 2) which summarizes the research work done by student (s),          after filling the Registration Form (page 1).
  • The Research Plan should clearly explain the purpose of the proposed research.
  • Originality is a must, plagiarism is strictly checked and not allowed.
  • Repetition of previous year’ project is not allowed and such projects will be disqualified.
  • Each student may enter only one project covering research done during a maximum of 12 continuous months, not more than that.
  • 12 grade students will only be allowed if the parent submits a hundred rupee stamp undertaking along with his CNIC copy at the time of                registration.
  • The participant will be contacted by the relevant regional coordinator to inform whether the submitted project Research Plan has been                  accepted / approved by the committee of subject specialists via email.
  • Please note that the Judges will have the final say and will hold all authority. Qualifying projects for the second and third round will again be          scrutinized by the National Scientific Review Committee.
  • Only qualifying projects / students will be eligible to proceed to next round. All students participating in the fair must adhere to rules as set          forth in Science Fair Guidelines.


Fair Guidelines:

  • Students will be required to present their Project on the required three fold exhibit / poster / board format (dimensions given below),                  along with all the supplementary material, proto type / working model, the AbstractResearch Paper and the Data Log Book.
  • Please ensure that the documents (the AbstractResearch Paper and the Data Log Book) are submitted on arrival at the Provincial Science        Fair.
  • If selected / shortlisted for the Shaukat Khanum National Science and Engineering Fair 2019, revised / improved documents                                      (the AbstractResearch Paper and the Data Log Book) should be re-submitted at least 15 days before the National Science Fair. 
  • Research Paper is the detailed information about the project.
  • Students taking part in the Provincial Fairs who are winners / shortlisted will move on to the Shaukat Khanum National Science and                          Engineering Fair 2019 to be held in November, 2019, to further vie for the opportunity to represent Pakistan at ISEF 2020 to be held at                    Anaheim, California, USA in May 2020.
  • Please note that the Judges will have the final say and will hold all authority.
  • Students / teachers are expected to have gone through extensive literature review and bring references for comparison to be able to prove          novelty of their project idea.

On the day of the fair students should bring project display as per guidelines given below:

Maximum Size of Project

  • Depth (front to back side panels): 18 inches (1.5 feet)
  • Width (side to side center panel): 36 inches (3 feet)
  • Height (placed on table): 48 inches (4 feet)

Please be aware when ordering posters that the mechanism that supports the poster should conform to the maximum size limitations stated above.

  • All project materials and support mechanisms must fit within the project dimensions.
  • Nothing can be attached to the rear curtain for display.
  • All demonstrations must be done within the confines of the finalist booth.