Scientists have tracked "neural footprints" in the brains of two men that were born without arms and are skilled at using their toes. By @lssciencenews in @ScienceNews

The #Asia-Pacific region is highly vulnerable to the adverse impacts of #ClimateChange. To boost #ClimateAmbition in the region, stakeholders have gathered in Bangkok 🇹🇭 this week to find practical solutions to the #ClimateEmergency. 🌏

#AI will help design the buildings of the future, creating more sustainable structures and modern workspaces. @Forbes

Three research projects of Pakistan Delegation secured four positions at Intel ISEF 2019 via @fawadchaudhry @KhadijaBashir #ISEF #SKMCH&RC

Two teenage girls in Kenya developed an invention to help visually and hearing-impaired individuals to accurately measure distances and angles, writes @Kander10Designs:

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